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Buy, Sell, Show Me Now!


Here we go. The American Public is giving every indication that they want to see homes, sell homes, and buy homes on the internet – without involving those ‘pesky’ professional Realtors©. Recent events in my professional work life as well as Pamela Seley in her post Where’s The Buy Button? , inspired this post.

Buy Sell Show me now

Press the red button and Voila! – anyone can buy that house now!  Just fill in the online form and you’re done! Ha! 

Just press the blue button and Voila! – a real estate genie appears in front of the home to open the door at your whim! 

Press the green button, fill in the form, and Voila! – the corporation that owns that website will conveniently remove their commission, fees, and charges before transferring the remaining balance to your account.

Is there any reason this cannot or should not be done? Never mind that Ralph Nader, along with hundreds of thousands of citizens, fought and marched and petitioned Congress for years before winning  rights of representation for people when purchasing real estate. Never mind that sellers really want only qualified buyers coming to view their homes at all hours. Never mind the Title Work and Underwriting. 

Let’s just move along and pretend that Consumer Rights Advocacy never happened for real estate transactions. Let’s just pretend that this seems convenient and will make everyone happy. Heck, we know the banks will love it, right? Zillow and Trulia will make loads of money. What could possibly go wrong?

Remember when we let the greedy buggers maneauver control of our health care away from doctors and give it to the insurance corporations? Heck, that turned out just hunky-dory, didn’t it? 

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