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Just Like Getting Married!


During Agent Tour last week, there was a home seller visiting one of the open houses on tour. Usually, only professional real estate agents are even aware of the tour that goes on every Tuesday in Kansas City but every now and then someone from the general public wanders in.

The woman was visiting one of the homes for sale just south of Brookside. She has her own house listed for sale with another agent and wanted to see how her own compared to this one.

It’s always interesting to hear about real estate from a non-professional perspective. Like most people, this woman had a general understanding of the real estate business but found the details to be somewhat mysterious.

When we asked her who she had her house listed with, she knew the brokerage but not the name of the agent. This is her third real estate agent. ^_^ That tidbit speaks volumes to us but leaves most of the general public perplexed.

She then went on to tell us that choosing a real estate agent is ‘very difficult – you wouldn’t believe how hard it is.’ Really? ‘Oh yes,’ she said ‘picking one of you is like getting married. You know there are a lot of you and how do I know which one to pick?’

‘And you know,’ she said ‘you have to do all these things to get the house ready. You have no idea how much time is involved when you’re trying to sell your house. They come in and want you to change all these things – it’s called staging, I think. My husband, when he was alive, let me put things wherever I wanted. They wanted me to move my books off the shelves.’

‘And another thing,’ she went on ‘there’s a lot of paperwork and details that you don’t know about – well I guess maybe you know about all that, but I didn’t. You know, I had to make all these choices and think about all these things before we could even put the sign up. It reminded me of when I was getting married and the priest made us think about all these things that could happen in a marriage.’

‘Or you know, after you’re married, and you and your husband have to decide things together – like where the children will go to school and what kind of couch we wanted- it’s like that with your real estate agent. Just like getting married.’ she said.

This is just a short synopsis of the conversation we had with this delightful home seller. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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