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Pursuing Health Through Nutrition


One of the first things to get cut when my business keeps me working from sun up until sun set (or later) is exercise. I know that aerobic exercise is important to maintain cardiovascular health but when a client needs me, it’s all too easy to put the exercise off for another day.

The other thing I do when I’m busy is neglect to eat right. I know that I need to eat 7 – 13 servings of vegetables every day to get all the phytonutrients my body needs. Who has time to chew all those veggies?

Why do we need so many vegetables anyway? What do they do for our bodies? Vegetables and fruits contain phytonutrients.

Phytonutrients, according to WebMD, are certain organic components of plants that are thought to promote human health.
Phyonutrients:serve as antioxidants, enhance immune response, enhance cell to cell communication, alter estrogen metabolism, convert to Vitamin A, cause cancer cells to die, repair DNA damage caused by smoking and other toxic exposures, detoxify carcinogens through the activation of the cytochrome P450 and Phase II enzyme systems.

Researchers are still discovering and explaining the benefits of phytonutrients. The phytonutrients known as carotenoids appear to protect humans against certain cancers, heart disease, and macular degeneration. We are still learning about the different kinds of phytonutrients and their actions within our bodies’ cells. One thing that I find interesting is that the phytonutrients work in synergy. That means that several phytonutrients together have an effect that is greater than any individual phytonutrient has separately. The whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts.

After reading up on phytonutrients, I thought maybe I should have more in my diet but I still don’t have time to eat all those fruits and vegetables.

Solution? Vegetables in a capsule! It’s perfect for me because I can eat 4 capsules a day and get 17 servings of different fruits and vegetables.

Even if I did buy, prepare and eat 17 servings of vegetables and fruit every day, I wouldn’t eat kale, spinach or beets.

What’s in Juice Plus+®? Vegetables and fruits that have been juiced; then the water, sugar and salt is removed.

That’s it? Yes, there are no additives. The produce is picked when it’s ripe – not before or after. The vegetables must be free of pesticide and herbicide contaminants. Certain temperatures must be maintained during the juicing and preparation. The capsulating process must be clean enough to allow Chemotherapy patients to safely ingest the capsules. Juice Plus+® is also kosher.

What about diabetics; can they eat Juice Plus+®? Yes, the sugar is removed so diabetics do not have to count half a banana and half an apple; they can get all of the phytonutrients from the fruit without ingesting the sugar.

How do you know this isn’t just another fad? The clinical research; scientific evidence. Juice Plus+® is the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product on the market today. There is a large and growing body of independent, clinical research conducted by investigators associated with leading universities and hospitals all over the world and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Some of the institutions which have, or are, conducting research on Juice Plus+®:

Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Brigham Young University
Charité University Medical Centre, Berlin, Germany
Georgetown University
King’s College, London, England
Medical University of Graz, Austria
Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Japan
University of Arizona
University of California, Los Angeles
University of Florida
University of Maryland School of Medicine
University of Milan, Italy
University of North Carolina-Greensboro
University of South Carolina
University of Sydney, Australia
University of Texas Health Science Center
University of Texas/MD Anderson
University of Witten-Hedecke, Germany
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Wake Forest University funded by the National Cancer Institute
Yale University-Griffin Hospital Prevention Research Center

You can read the research for yourself. Go to the website and click on the Clinical Research tab. AKA

The independent clinical research shows that JUICE PLUS+®:
+delivers key antioxidants and other phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body.
+reduces oxidative stress.
+positively impacts markers of systemic inflammation.
+helps support a healthy immune system and protect DNA.
+positively impacts several important indicators of cardiovascular wellness.

Personally, I have always believed that most health issues are genetic, augmented by environmental and lifestyle choices. I also believed that some health problems responded to positive thinking – mind over matter. Learning just a little about phytonutrients actions on our bodies is now causing me to suspect that our bodies may be able to protect and heal themselves to a much higher degree than previously imagined. Food is the fuel for our bodies. Maybe it is important to put the right fuel into our bodies.

My friend, Gina, is the one who got me started. Gina had cancer, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. One day I saw her and said “Wow, Gina, you look great! Are you having a good day?” She laughed and said “I’ve been taking that stuff that Teresa told us about – Juice Plus+®.” Her hair was shiny and full; her skin was radiant. She said that she had more energy, felt better overall, and she was not catching every flu and cold germ that was going around.

I read ALL of the research that’s been done to date on Juice Plus+®. Then I looked at the cost: less than $1.50 per day. Hmm, I could not buy that many organic, fresh vegetables and fruits for that price. If I bought the veggies, I would not eat enough of them every single day – and I would never eat kale or beets. For me, eating the Juice Plus+® is an investment in my health. Save time; save money; reap benefits. I have been eating Juice Plus+® for about 3 weeks now. Exercise? Well, I can at least run up and down 3 flights of stairs every day. Some days I am able to exercise more but 3 flights is the minimum for me.

For more information on Juice Plus+®, go to or call Maria @ 913.894.7001 No, I have not started a new career; I am just so amazed by this new knowledge that I feel compelled to share it with everyone.

You can also find clinical research on Juice Plus+® published in the following peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals:

The Journal of Nutrition
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Journal of American College of Nutrition
Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Nutrition Research
Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics
Integrative Medicine
Current Therapeutic Research
Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
The British Journal of Nutrition
Journal of the American College of Cardiology

*Many of the studies are randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled investigations. (that means no cheating)

Information on Juice Plus+® Franchise – Flipbook Online Presentation .

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