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Zillow and Santa Claus


What does Zillow have to do with Santa Claus? That’s what I thought, too, when I first noticed the headline on Whitney Tyner’s blog post on Zillow: ‘You Better Watch Out! Zillow Names Santa’s Top 10 Favorite Cities.’

Then when I saw Zillow’s list of Santa’s top 10 cities, I thought ‘WHAT? How did you come up with that?’ Oklahoma City is number 3 on the list. Wichita KS is number 5. Denver CO is number 10.

The data Zillow analyzed to obtain the results actually sounds plausible. Maybe Zillow really does have an inside connection to Santa. It makes sense that Santa would prefer a city which has a lot of homes with chimneys. What made the people at Zillow think to consider the flight conditions for sleighs, though? Is it possible that someone at Zillow knows Santa personally?

Actually, all of the criteria Zillow used in identifying Santa’s favorite cities makes sense. Check it out and see what you think.

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  1. 24/12/2010 21:28

    Ha! Im going to check this out right now, sounds interesting!

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