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St. Pat Is Gone And The Snow Returns To Kansas City


Temperatures in the 60’s the past two days made for happy people all over Kansas City. Today, the cold rain returned in tiny little droplets that gathered together to run down the inside of my collar.  Brrr!  Katie says it will snow tonight….and accumulate!  Will the little buds on the trees and plants survive?

Speaking of surviving, how about the Kansas City Missouri school system; will it survive?   It’s certainly not thriving!  Commissioner Covington’s plan to close half of the schools makes sense considering the cost of maintaining buildings that are half empty but shouldn’t we be looking at why the schools are half empty?

One of our schools actually has an award- winning  program that has been shown to improve student attendance, scholastic performance, and behavior.   Representatives from schools across the U.S. come to Kansas City to learn how to implement this program in their schools. This is one of the schools scheduled to be closed. Does that make sense to anyone else?

Happy St Patricks Day in Kansas City

Happy St Patrick's Day in Kansas City


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